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TOPGUARD™ corrosion control solutions

TOPGUARD™ corrosion control solutions

Mitigate overhead corrosion and extend equipment run life

  • Crude oil refining has one challenge that is more persistent than the rest: corrosion. Conventional crudes are being replaced with heavy, acidic crudes in the hopes of improved refining margins, but “opportunity crudes" can dramatically increase the risk of overhead corrosion. Your refinery needs to process these crudes, while managing corrosion costs.

    Predict and control overhead corrosion

    The TOPGUARD corrosion control program predicts and controls the corrosive impact of crude blends and operating conditions. Our program delivers an engineering-based solution that effectively manages overhead corrosion, extends equipment run life, and prevents unplanned shutdowns - resulting in improved long-term, operational reliability, and increased profitability. It uses sophisticated simulation technology that gives critical insight into the phase behavior that leads to corrosion. The program is composed of four parts:

    TOPGUARD ionic model and corrosion risk monitor

    This monitor uses unique thermodynamic technologies that provide accurate insight into the phase behaviors that lead to corrosion. These insights allow you to make informed decisions and determine suitable mitigation strategies for your refinery. As unit conditions change, you can institute immediate control measures.

    TOPGUARD field amine measurement services

    This service provides on-site determination of amine levels in as little as one hour. Our unique methodology detects monoethanolamine (MEA) at very low concentrations in crude oils, generating critical input data for the Corrosion Risk Monitor that helps avoid salt corrosion.

    TOPGUARD real-time overhead analyzer

    The overhead analyzer enables real-time monitoring of pH, chlorides, iron, and ammonia levels, allowing you to catch episodic swings caused by changes in crude slate or unit operations. This data combined with the Corrosion Risk Monitor becomes actionable information that you can use to proactively combat corrosion.

    TOPGUARD chemical technologies

    Our proprietary technologies blend chemicals specifically formulated to manage salt and acidic corrosion.

    TOPGUARD corrosion control solutions:

    • Define the optimum operating envelope
    • Respond to changing unit conditions
    • Manage overhead corrosion
    • Extend equipment life
    • Prevent unplanned shutdowns
    • Increase capacity utilization for increased refinery reliability and profitability


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