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SMARTGUARD high-temperature corrosion control program

SMARTGUARD high-temperature corrosion control program

Safely process sour and acidic crudes to improve profitability

  • Refiners often consider increasing the amount of sour or high total acid number (TAN) crude processed as a way to improve a refinery’s profitability. As sulfur levels increase, the risk of sulfur corrosion on low-chrome steels increases. As your refiners increase TAN levels, the risk profile for high-temperature naphthenic acid corrosion also increases, leading to higher rates of corrosion in the desalted crude oil, diesel, gas, oil, and bottoms circuits.

    The SMARTGUARD™ high-temperature corrosion control program addresses the constraints you face in processing sour or high TAN crudes to deliver the right assessment, tailored additives, and real-time monitoring to increase your crude sulfur or TAN levels and improve your operating margins. The program uses a combination of corrosion inhibitors, detailed unit surveys, and monitoring techniques to reduce the impacts of high-temperature corrosion on your refinery operations with:

    • Equipment impact assessments to identify high-risk areas
    • Mitigation strategy development for the proper combination of crude blending and corrosion inhibitor usage
    • Monitoring program design and implementation to deliver real-time, non-intrusive corrosion measurements in high risk areas

    Detailed assessments create targeted treatments

    Our experienced corrosion experts systematically assess your operation to gain a clear understanding of your equipment, materials of construction and performance history, unit operating parameters, feedstock and distillate characteristics, and feedstock supply options. Once a complete risk assessment is made, we can design engineering controls using processing limits, sampling and corrosion measurements, as well as inhibitor treatment to manage corrosion mitigation and monitoring efforts appropriately.

    The SMARTGUARD program:

    • Allows processing of higher TAN and sour crudes without upgrading metallurgy
    • Improves flexibility of crude oil selection
    • Captures value of discounted crudes
    • Improves unit safety and equipment reliability
    • Minimizes iron deposits and downstream unit fouling
    • Reduces negative impact of phosphorous on downstream units


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