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Designs and materials that reduce corrosion and erosion while improving performance and alignment with other refinery equipment

  • An average 18 MW power-recovery expander from BHGE can save approximately $9 million per year in refinery electricity costs and avoid more than 244,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year. They’re designed to ensure 4–5 years of uninterrupted run time in the most extreme conditions — and they typically operate reliably for more than 5 years without maintenance.

    We continually push performance boundaries with specialized materials and optimized features such as:

    • Improved nose cone aerodynamics for smoother acceleration of flue gas and more uniform catalyst distribution
    • Integral stator shroud that is 2–6% more efficient than cantilevered designs
    • Rotor blades that boost efficiency and minimize erosion
    • Upgraded shaft design with larger journal diameters and coupling hub for higher stress margins and torque capacity
    • Seal housing and bearing supports designed to reduce operating stress, improve rotordynamics and reduce leakage

    We supply both mechanical and generator-drive configurations, and regularly install them in new FCC units as well as retrofits. For mechanical drive, we also integrate expander, axial compressor, steam turbine and/or motor into a single train. The generator drive mode enables the expander to be taken offline without disturbing the process. Our best-in-class, fully automated control systems can be customized to ensure our expanders operate smoothly and efficiently.

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