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Downhole Services

Downhole Services

We'll get you onto your well and then into your well

BHGE stays in tune with your challenges and local regulatory requirements, so we can ensure high efficiency and reliability throughout operations —from sealing the cap rock to final wellhead removal.

Operationally we strive to deliver value

  • Leverage fit-for-purpose technology and maximise efficiency with our comprehensive, integrated portfolio that allows us to tailor our approach to your specific asset and objectives. This ensures the right toolsare chosen for the job, even when contingencies arise—to help minimize costs, and improve reliability.

    Some of the problems we help solve:

    Assured well access and control - Onto the well via completion workover riser, marine riser and landing string and into the well through coil tubing and wire line

    Accurate well integrity evaluation - Confirm cement and casing conditions prior to abandonment

    Efficient completion removal and well preparation - Cut, pull, and remove tubing and casing from the well with fewer trips

    Reliable barrier installation - Install and confirm placement of mechanical and cement barriers

    Effective wellhead and conductor removal - Safely and efficiently remove tubing, casing, conductors, and subsea wellheads

    From reservoir to wellhead we have the expertise, the equipment and the know how to tackle your most challenging abandonment projects.

    We believe your goals and our goals are in perfect alignment, always being to:

    • Decrease the number of trips downhole
    • Reduce surface footprint required
    • Accelerate deployment methods
    • Minimize the removal of steel
    • Reduce non-productive time (NPT)

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