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A major UK offshore operator on a
semi-submersible drilling rig west of
Shetland was experiencing bad weather
with rig heave of 13 to 19 ½ ft. (4 to 6 m).
The operator needed to assess pressures in
the reservoir sands, having drilled to total
depth (TD) in the 12 ¼-in. section. They also
wanted to minimize the non-productive
time (NPT) that could occur while waiting for
weather improvement. Baker Hughes, a
GE company (BHGE), regularly used the
BGHE TesTrak™ formation-pressurewhile-
drilling (FPWD) service to obtain
real-time formation pressures for effective
reservoir evaluation. However, this would be
the first time to use it during such high rig
heave conditions. testrak-measure-pressures-bad-storm-uk-cs.pdf