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Get your copy of "SealBond spacer system restored circulation, saved $1.7 million USD in GOM"

Prior to performing a cementing operation
in the Gulf of Mexico, a customer started
taking losses while drilling and running
7-in. production casing. The operator had
drilled through a salt formation and weak
sand, which resulted in pack off, mud losses,
and wellbore erosion. After running loss
circulation material (LCM) and establishing
returns, they determined that 473 bbl of
synthetic based mud was lost while drilling
through the salt zone, and another 119 bbl
was lost while running the casing. After
encountering a similar situation on an
offset well, the operator had to perform a
remediation block squeeze. SealBond-spacer-system-saved-over-1-million-USD-GOM-cs.pdf