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Baker Hughes,a GE company (BHGE),used theMICRO-PRIME™mesophase spacer systemto displace 14.7 lbs/galsofsynthetic drilling fluid for a major operator in the Mississippi Canyonfield of theGulf of Mexico. This was a deep-waterapplication with a 19¾-in.ID riser. The MICRO-PRIME spacer systemisdesignedto optimize the wellbore cleanup process when displacing synthetic-based muds. This new technology utilizes advanced mesophase technology that will clean and water-wet all surfaces, even at high levels of contamination from synthetic-based mud. The revolutionary MICRO-PRIME spacer system usestwo spacers designed to maximize cleaning efficiency and minimize waste generation. BHGE Drilling Fluidsuses the advanced DISPLEX™engineering softwareto modelhydraulics, displacement, clean-up operations, and contact time. MICRO-PRIME Deepwater Case Study.pdf