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A customer in a North Sea field needed to remove a FLEX-LOCK™ III liner hanger system and a 13 Cr 110 ksi 7-in. x 9 ⅞-in., 62.8-ppf (93.75 kg/m) Baker Hughes ZXP™ ultra liner top packer. The job presented an extra challenge because the ZXP packer had hold-down slips that restricted any upward movement. Additionally, there were concerns about the risk of skim-cutting the polished bore receptacle (PBR) or damaging the outer casing due to the thin-walled, decentralized liner system in the deviated wellbore. Efficient milling of the 13 Cr 110 ksi material was also key to keeping costs as low as possible. pilotmill-mills-liner-top-in-1-trip-NorthSea-cs.pdf