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Get your copy of "HEAVY METAL swarf-free section milling service"

Section milling is a conventional method for
casing removal during plug and abandonment
(P&A) operations where annular well integrity
is compromised or questioned. The removal
of casing by milling a window provides full
access to the virgin formation, enabling
placement of a rock-to-rock barrier. Swarf
is an unavoidable byproduct of section
milling, generating thousands of pounds
of these sharp metal cuttings that have to
be removed from the well. Retrieving and
handling the swarf is a time-consuming
and costly process and poses additional
health, safety, and environmental (HSE)
risks, and often times operators will opt
for less reliable options, like perf-and-wash,
just to avoid swarf. Heavy-Metal-swarf-free-milling-service-slsh.pdf