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Get your copy of "DELTA-TEQ low-pressure-impact drilling fluid improved ROP by 48%"

An independent national oil company in
Brazil required a synthetic drilling fluid for a
challenging deepwater well. Located in the
Atlanta field in the Santos basin, the well
had a water depth of 5,088 ft (1,551 m), a
14¾-in. (375-mm) section with a maximum
anticipated density of 9.3 ppg, and
inclination build up from 48 to 88°, landing
at the top of the unconsolidated sand/
sandstone reservoir. Constant rheology,
lower viscosity, and fragile gel strength had
to be maintained to promote effective hole
cleaning and a successful casing run, while
minimizing pressure impacts to protect
the formation. DELTA-TEQ-drilling-fluid-improved-ROP-by-48-percent-Brazil-cs.pdf