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Get your copy of "BHGE Drilling Services saved deepwater operator $6M USD on exploration well"

An operator in the Gulf of Mexico
was working on an exploration well.
Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE) had
been awarded an integrated operations
contract to drill and complete deepwater
and ultra-deepwater wells for this operator;
however, this would be the first BHGE well
to be drilled at such water depth in the area
(>9,800 ft, or 2,987 m). Additional challenges
facing the team included requirements
to directionally drill and simultaneously
ream through low-mechanical-strength
interbedded formations (<2,000 psi
unconfined compressive strength, or UCS),
avoid contingency casings, and provide
accurate and early detection of the
coring point. drilling-deepwater-explore-gom-cs.pdf