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AI-Driven Software for Maximizing Recovery

  • Effective production optimization enables the proactive management of upstream operations.  Rather than reactive, capabilities become predictive, delivering increases in recovery and reducing downtime and associated costs. Aggregating data from assets, operations, people, and maintenance and providing analysis-based recommendations helps drive an intelligent asset strategy. Previously untapped insights are now readily available.

    BHGE's Intellistream™ is a comprehensive suite of SaaS products that are customizable and extensible to solve the toughest upstream challenges.

    IntelliStream delivers upstream productivity, minimizes nonproductive downtime, extends the life of aging assets, and enhances decision making.

    These outcomes are achieved by leveraging data at-scale to inform future decisions. Applying digital twin scenarios in real-time prevents mistakes from happening and allows for solution workflows to be implemented, such as Remaining Useful Life Predictions (RUL) and Multi-Well Optimization.

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