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Partnering for Collaborative Success in Your Digital Journey

Partnering for Collaborative Success in Your Digital Journey

Leveraging a Diverse Partner Ecosystem

Oil, Gas and Energy companies recognize that Digital is a journey and that adapting to frequent change is required. Adopting a diverse ecosystem of partners can help to fully realize the business benefits of Digital solutions across information and operating technology. BHGE’s Digital Alliances bring the best of the digital ecosystem: a portfolio of BHGE products together with the industry thought leadership and industry-specific skill sets from strategic and advisory partners, systems integrators, technology providers, resellers, independent software vendors and EPCs.

Delivering customer success across every segment

  • BHGE is bringing together a diverse network of partnerships to provide our customers innovative fullstream solution offerings and deliver success in every segment and sector - upstream, downstream, brownfield and greenfield, onshore and offshore. As the industry moves faster toward digital to realize the benefits of Industrial IoT technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and augmented reality, there is also the realization that Digital Transformation is about more than technology. From culture and adoption to leadership, BHGE’s Digital Alliances have the capabilities to help oil and gas companies drive user adoption of new software, shift from industrial to digital-friendly culture, and ensure successful implementation of new solutions aimed at radically changing oil and gas businesses toward a better bottom line.

    Partner Advantages:

    • Onboarding resesources
    • Joint Go-To-Market account planning
    • Innovative commercial partnerships to create joint solution offerings
    • Education and enablement on BHGE's diverse product portfolio
    • Joint Opportunities identification
    • Marketing support and development/planning opportunities

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