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Upstream reservoir and well modeling software for better decisions and greater production.

  • JewelSuite™ draws on deep, upstream domain expertise, differentiated AI and deep learning capabilities to create a continuous connection between planning and operational activities, increasing knowledge sharing across company boundaries and enabling smarter, more informed decisions and greatly improved hydrocarbon recovery.

    JewelSuite supports and provides integrated upstream workflows that promote the transfer of knowledge and quantified uncertainty between Oil and Gas disciplines. Multidisciplinary teams can utilize new, near- and real-time data inputs and analytics to accelerate and optimize field development plans, drilling operations and production.

    Built on the JewelEarth platform, BHGE offers JewelSuite applications that provide asset teams with a fully integrated system from static to dynamic reservoir modeling. Each JewelSuite application offers tailored tools and logical workflows developed for all asset types.

    Jointly developed with Shell, JewelSuite optimizes and shortens field development planning. Whether it’s pointing wells to the richest pay, analyzing reservoir fluids to reduce uncertainty, or building comprehensive, detailed reservoir models, you can count on JewelSuite to provide the answers and insights you need to get the most from your asset.

    There are many advantages to BHGE's JewelSuite solution:

    • Leverage new technology: Extend traditional domain workflows for greater understanding of static and dynamic effects on the hydrocarbon lifecycle
    • Provides a guided approach: With consistent modeling and a clearly structured data model, JewelSuite offers an intuitive workflows and modern interface.
    • Collaborative working: JewelSuite enables projects to be shared across domains for better evaluation, drilling, completions and production operational decisions.

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