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Next Generation Production Optimization

IntelliStream™ is an enterprise production optimization solution, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the core of decision making. We turn data from your assets, reservoir, operations, maintenance and people into actionable insights to help our customers deliver a step change in upstream productivity. IntelliStream™ enables truly predictive capabilities, delivering increases in oil and gas recovery and addressing non-productive, unplanned downtime and associated costs.

Cloud-based enterprise software for a step-change in productivity

  • IntelliStream™ offers completely integrated production focused workflows for:

    • Artificial lift surveillance and diagnostics
    • Single-well artificial lift optimization
    • Multi-well artificial lift optimization based on field (cluster) constraints
    • Predictive useful life of equipment based on historical and real-time data
    • Prescriptive well lift planning
    • Flood management and optimization

    IntelliStream™ delivers:

    • Improved confidence: Hybrid models (physics and data) drive increased accuracy versus traditional methods.
    • Faster results: Run scenario, what-if, analysis in seconds, not days or weeks.
    • Adaptability: Rapidly build and deploy your own models and analytics.
    • Learning: AI/machine learning driven adaptive algorithms continue to improve results over time.

    IntelliStream’s™ AI-powered production workflows enhance productivity and reduce operational complexity.

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