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GE's Predix

GE's Predix

Grow revenue, improve efficiency, and reduce downtime

GE’s Predix Platform is a comprehensive and secure application platform to run, scale, and extend digital industrial solutions.

Combining sophisticated asset modeling, big data processing, analytics, and applications

  • BHGE’s Digital Twins are built on Predix. Digital Twins provide a software representation of a physical asset. The Digital Twin technology enables companies to better understand, predict, and optimize the performance of each unique asset. With Predix, oil and gas businesses can manage digital twins and their associated analytic models to model, analyze, and optimize assets, operations, and business. Digital Twins running on Predix become a single source of truth for all information related to an asset, including data about past and present state, condition, and performance. Early warnings and predictions are built on individual data as well as data from other digital twins of the same type.

    Access a rich industrial-grade analytics library and framework to create machine learning analytics tailored to digital twin asset models. Then apply them to real-time IoT data streams, enabling edge or cloud-based analytics to detect anomalies, direct prescriptive controls, signal predictive maintenance alerts, and more. Capture the power of data and analytics to improve productivity, optimize operations, and increase profits.

    • Asset-centric applications: Supports asset-centric applications that help transform monitoring, management, and optimization of assets and operations.
    • Distributed application and services architecture: Utilizes distributed application and services architecture, streamlining application development and operational efficiency.
    • Industrial Internet of Things (IoT): Leverages IIIoT to collect, aggregate, and integrate data from design to service.
    • Analytics: Uses analytics to support real-time decisions and actions.

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