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Fullstream Analytics

Fullstream Analytics

Advanced Enterprise-Wide Intelligence

BHGE’s Fullstream Analytics offering integrates deep learning techniques with mature, hybrid physics capabilities to drive transformational outcomes at scale for oil and gas businesses. Our analytics draw on more than a century of domain expertise, giving your business the ability to connect existing data from the source of the data at the edge to cloud, and consolidate, aggregate, and visualize data in real time. That means automatically generated asset tags and schemas. You can then build, extend, and orchestrate hybrid deep learning models on vast amounts of data to create your own AI models. Add your own analytics in the programming language of your choice and more quickly deploy models you have today.

Fueling the future of energy with an industry-leading analytics catalogue

  • The value of unused data is lost insights. Make the treasure trove of data you have actionable – and consistently improve your predictions for fast rollout and adoption and continuous learning.

    Most of the data in organizations is buried in data siloes, unusable because of disparate labeling conventions, or in the hands of very few in the organization. Access to vast amounts of data is rare, and even with access aggregation and analysis are difficult and time consuming. The valuable data models and the information they provide are often lost in process and organizational barriers. Utilizing analytics from BHGE, companies are able to sift through droves of disparate data pools to find, build, extend and even deploy models easily and quickly. The result is real-time information to change operational outcomes.

    BHGE's Fullstream Analytics offer:

    • Open and buildable: Utilizing an open federated framework.
    • Broad catalog drawing on deep domain expertise: An enterprise-wide catalog of unique analytics.
    • Interactive ability: Access, Visualize, Clean & Process Large Datasets.
    • Decrease Modeling Time: Improve your team's Ability to Rapidly build and extend models.


    Download the Brochure:

    Fullstream Analytics Brochure


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