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In-Depth and Agnostic Solutions for Every Operation

  • BHGE is committed to a culture of security to protect our systems, products, and customer operations. We strive to support our customers’ efforts to secure energy operations, and we embrace industry efforts toward achieving cyber security excellence. With more than a decade of experience in securing industrial control systems, BHGE is the strong partner you need to help you pair effective security with your digital transformation.

    • Updated tools and methods in both IT and OT security are applied throughout the product lifecycle to reduce risk and address vulnerabilities
    • Role-based access
    • Secure mode operation
    • Centralized patch management program
    • Centralized back-up
    • Redundant back-up domain controller
    • High-Availability configuration – Auto failover. Application Whitelisting
    • Security Information and Event Management (logging and monitoring)
    • Network intrusion detection and prevention firewall options

    Backed by leadership directives, our security program includes dedicated teams accountable for implementing security controls in key areas that span a secure development lifecycle, from product design to ongoing operational support.

    BHGE's cyber security program offers a number of advantages:

    • Dedicated teams committed to IT, industrial, and product security
    • BHGE leverages close collaboration to deliver effective cyber security assessments, implementation and best practices
    • Over a decade of proven experience implementing industrial control cybersecurity solutions


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