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The core of our Fit for Purpose Solutions

  • BHGE’s AI Factory is the core element of our Fit for Purpose solutions offering. AI Factory is rooted in deep learning techniques together with mature, hybrid physics capabilities to drive transformational outcomes at scale for oil and gas businesses. With more than a century of industry expertise, BHGE enables your business to connect existing data from the source to the cloud, where you can consolidate, aggregate, and visualize it in real time. From there you can build, extend, and orchestrate hybrid deep learning models on vast amounts of data to create your own AI models. Add your own analytics in the programming language of your choice, and you can quickly deploy models you have today.

    AI Factory will help your business: 

    Through an easy to use interface, AI Factory delivers advanced analytics capabilities like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning—with no AI expertise required.  AI Factory is a set of components that guides you through the process of building, deploying and scaling your own analytical models, allowing for:

    • Ingestion of disparate data from multiple locations
    • Meaningful models and knowledge management offerings to be developed from that data quickly

    AI Factory also provides a catalog of models that customers can leverage to simply and quickly answer some of the industry’s toughest challenges, complete with techniques and services.

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