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Fit for Purpose Solutions

  • Successful digital implementations require experts who have deep industry knowledge, experience executing on the industry’s toughest problems and the ability to help you leverage what you have, perhaps augmenting it with what will scale and grow best.  This means understanding not only the machinery and equipment, but also the importance of applying digital to gather intelligence from your working assets to fully maximize safety and reliability, while driving down costs.

    BHGE’s Fit for Purpose solutions are tailor-made for your specific use case and desired outcomes.  They are comprised of applications of reusable microservices, foundational data services and analytics and domain expertise, and are customized to your business.   Often comprised of jointly developed solutions, this approach ensures the delivery of unique digital capabilities that leverage the expertise within your organization. A Fit for Purpose project with BHGE draws on advanced analytics, specific to your business, for better understanding of operations and where efficiencies can be improved.

    Fit for Purpose projects are not likely to be turnkey. However, they can be delivered with speed, efficiency, scalability and flexibility.  A dedicated team of industry experts work with you, and the ecosystem and technology you already have, to drive maximum value.  The result speaks for itself: a solution that fits your business objectives perfectly.  

    BHGE’s Fit for Purpose core offerings are:

    • Advanced Analytics: Combines deep learning techniques with mature, hybrid physics capabilities to consolidate, aggregate, and visualize data in real time, making it actionable and enabling you to build and deploy your own AI models
    • Platform Enablement: An open and scalable solution with the ability to ingest and connect to large volumes of data, and enable the rapid deployment of applications across an enterprise
    • Digital Foundation: A comprehensive set of services, including deep learning and visualization, that enables customers to create their own modular AI solutions
    • Cybersecurity: A program designed to meet the demands of operating in today’s complex threat environment, addressing the key areas of people, process and technology

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