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Promote collaboration among cross-disciplinary teams for better field development plans

  • The JewelSuite™ Viewer application provides a seamless environment for visualizing and sharing accurate, information-rich models in relevant context for all field development stakeholders. Offering a robust view of current and future projects, JewelSuite™ Viewer promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration - the foundation of effective field development for new and existing reservoirs - so teams can efficiently contribute to field and asset development plans.

    The JewelSuite™ Viewer application integrates data from multiple databases, software platforms, and proprietary technologies to enable the sharing of data and information cross-functionally with the extended enterprise.

    This lightweight tool can be used by multidisciplinary teams to examine multiple models and data sets, compare and validate fault and horizon interpretations, and visualize reservoir simulations and microseismic events. Users can query, analyze, and visualize projects using arbitrary cross sections and other visualization methods, in addition to standard data filtering views and routines.

    With JewelSuite™ Viewer you get:

    • A single view of the data: Examine and share multiple models and data sets
    • A better view of the subsurface: View cross-sections, 3D models, seismic volumes, and cellular grids
    • Accelerated decision making: Quickly query, analyze, and visualize project data and models

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