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Accelerate delivery of new technology

  • The JewelEarth™ software platform enables you to quickly and easily develop, manage, upgrade and scale your petrotechnical software under one open, user-friendly, integrated and powerful environment.

    A software development kit, JewelEarth SDK, helps oil and gas companies achieve greater performance from their reservoirs by providing access to the best software tools on the market.

    The JewelEarth software platform provides (API) services, user interface components, domain objects, commands and serialization capabilities that are the foundational functionality for all JewelSuite™ software applications. As an open platform, it enables seamless connectivity to third-party industry applications and databases to enhance your technology portfolio.

    The JewelEarth SDK enables you to easily build your own differentiating software applications, create workflow standards through set workflow panels, and connect to proprietary databases or other subsurface applications.

    JewelEarth provides customers with the ability to:

    • Extend JewelSuite applications: Utilize proprietary add-ins or modules that contain proprietary algorithms or methodology
    • Enable integration: Drive connectivity to proprietary and industry-standard databases and software applications
    • Accelerate technology: Deliver new technology with standard templates and user interface controls

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