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Software to Optimize Access to Hydrocarbons

  • Maximizing recovery starts with a rich understanding of your reservoir.  Field development planning utilizes continuously updated reservoir models that integrate data from the subsurface, wells, drilling, and completion operations.  With these crucial insights you can adjust recovery programs so you can keep your reservoir performing at its economic limit — delivering the maximum ROI and creating the greatest possible net present value for your asset.

    BHGE’s flagship product to help you achieve better Field Development and Planning is JewelSuite™. With BHGE’s JewelSuite™ software, you’ll learn:

    • How much oil is in the ground and where it’s located

    • Where to place wells for maximum benefit

    • How much your well will produce today, and in the future

    Jointly developed with Shell, JewelSuite™ is short- circuiting traditional field planning development by creating a continuous connection between planning and operational activities. Using JewelSuite applications, geoscientists and engineers can model location and size of hydrocarbon volumes, determine production behavior for different development scenarios and even run a digital twin of the reservoir and well to predict future production with accuracy and confidence.

    It all leads to greater certainty and less risk, a dynamic understanding of the reservoir and a better grasp on long term economic value and production output.  Whereas previously such modeling took months, it now can be done in just days, while delivering accurate field of life models, and leveraging data driven analytics from multiple domains.

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