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Process Simulation Leveraging Advanced Analytics

  • Our cloud-based solution integrates BHGE’s AI Factory analytics platform with KBC’s process simulation software, Petro-SIM® and BHGE’s Asset Performance Management suite. Combining predictive analytics, equipment and process data with a given simulation model improves operational efficiency, speed, and decision making. Operators reduce time spent on optimizing production from several months to days. The business outcomes allow operators to debottleneck their plants’ process and equipment to achieve maximum production.

    Process optimization analytics will help your business: 

    • Increase reliability: Reduce unplanned shutdowns through early prediction of equipment failure and process upsets. 
    • Enhance production: Debottleneck constrained capacity by building a Digital Twin of your plant that accurately models the process and the equipment to maximize the production potential and minimize non-productive time.
    • Improve operating efficiency: Boost workforce productivity by using a cloud-based, enterprise-level management tool that connects data across multiple production facilities and provides users with the information they need on a single software platform, and a digital workspace that fosters collaboration across business functions.
    • Reduce operating costs: Optimize your plant by combining process insights with analytics, knowledge and experience to provide better outcomes across planning, operations, engineering support, and maintenance.

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