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Asset Performance Management (APM)

Asset Performance Management (APM)

Improving Productivity & Reliability across the Fullstream

Asset Performance Management (APM) integrates applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning techniques into day-to-day workflows to help operators and asset managers develop asset strategies that maximize reliability and availability, minimize risk and cost, and dramatically reduce unplanned downtime by predicting equipment failures before they occur.

Enterprise asset strategy solution based on traditional and cutting-edge technologies

  • APM connects, ingests, analyses, and learns from vast sources of disparate data across the enterprise, providing real-time, actionable insights while also helping organizations learn from historical data to inform the most safest, most cost-efficient asset strategy.

    APM solves daily challenges by covering the full spectrum of services, from risk assessment and asset strategy development, condition-based maintenance, predictive maintenance, reliability centered maintenance, root cause analysis, and asset integrity management. APM increases equipment reliability and availability while reducing unnecessary or unplanned maintenance downtime.

    APM Suite of Solutions: APM Health, APM Reliability, APM Strategy, and APM Integrity.

    Advantages of BHGE's Asset Performance Management services include:

    • Enterprise-wide view of assets: Create a unified, comprehensive, and validated data repository related to expected performance at the asset, plant, and enterprise level.
    • AI and Deep Learning Capabilities: Leverage advanced predictive diagnostics to analyze data and detect and diagnose asset issues before they occur.
    • Sclable to Business Needs: Develop and manage asset strategies by using a risk-based approach to conduct analysis of individual assets, a group of assets, or an asset system.
    • Focused on Outcomes Impacing the Bottom Line: Reduce asset risk, lower inspection costs, and ensure regulatory compliance with a closed loop mechanical integrity program.



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