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Software for bettering your business

  • BHGE’s digital portfolio was purpose-built for oil and gas businesses. We deliver technology that achieves outcomes for the complex use cases and specialized assets across your business. Our solutions leverage best-of-breed cloud technology, including Artificial Intelligence and deep learning capabilities, to create a continuous connection between planning and operational activities. Our fit-for-purpose software bridges data siloes and captures predictive insights, increasing knowledge sharing across company boundaries and enabling faster, smarter, and more informed decisions. BHGE’s software portfolio is the industry’s first to be born in the cloud, which means you can efficiently scale and dramatically reduce time-to-value while focusing on your most important outcomes: reducing cost per barrel produced, optimizing assets, improving productivity, increasing automation, and helping your business get more from less.

    BHGE Digital was created to deliver software that can improve outcomes for oil and gas businesses. We combine industry-leading analytics techniques with our deep expertise in advanced engineering, physics and services for oil and gas to create a unique portfolio for our customers. The focus is to help you bring together disparate collections of data from connected devices and models, apply analytics at-scale to that data, and deliver actionable intelligence that you can visualize across your enterprise. The result is operational insights in real-time for improved equipment reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and optimized production processes.

    • The Fullstream Advantage – We understand the complexities of your business. Through the intersection of industrial and digital domains, we partner with you to drive transformational outcomes
    • Data Analytics – Artificial Intelligence is no silver bullet. Our approach consists of integrating modern data science techniques with hybrid physics models that have been incubated for years in our research centers. Many of our customers also take advantage of the option to securely plug-and-play their own unique, proprietary models for maximum benefits.
    • Edge to Cloud Capabilities – We offer a comprehensive cloud-native portfolio that increases time to value and allows you to efficiently scale across your operations.
    • Fit-for-Purpose Means Optionality- A tailored approach allows you to speed up your IIoT deployment by leveraging best-of-breed technology that addresses only those outcomes that matter most. From data wrangling to complex optimization problems, we can you quickly address your most pressing needs.
    • Outcomes Tailored to Your Business – Our strategy draws on an ecosystem of the best technology and Oil and Gas expertise to deliver outcomes fit for your business.

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