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The Early Career Programs at Baker Hughes, a GE company, empower promising individuals with best in class trainings, mentorships and challenges to be the talent of tomorrow.  Learn more about Field Engineering, Research Design and Development Engineering and other exciting program opportunities.

Field Engineer

Our global operations involve us in every aspect of oil and gas recovery, ranging from reservoir consultancy and software to field development and management services.

Activities stretch from well construction – incorporating drilling services, drill bits and completions – to well production, where we provide customers with integrated artificial lift and pressure pumping solutions, and production optimization chemicals.

Who is eligible?

If you are looking for an unconventional job where you have the opportunity to get your hands dirty, and you have or expect to complete a 4-year technical degree, Master’s or PhD in an engineering or engineering-related subject, applied sciences, geology, mathematics or physics, field engineering could be the role for you.

What will I do?

Enter our organization directly as a field engineer and, following early career training, you will become a jobsite leader, responsible for designing, executing and evaluating wellsite operations.

Performance is rewarded with rapid advancement and ultimately, you will represent our company by interacting with customers and delivering front line technical services and solutions across our drilling, evaluation, completion, and production technologies.

These are crucially important hands-on roles, often outdoors and in demanding or harsh conditions—offshore on a North Sea oil rig or in the desert in West Africa — and when at the rigsite you'll be expected to work shifts (day or night). You may also be required to work weekends and public holidays, as business needs dictate.

Next steps

If this sounds like you, please visit the Careers section of the Baker Hughes, a GE company website and apply directly on-line should a position be available.


Research, Design and Development

Technology solutions are our legacy and our lifeblood. Our products, services and workflows continually improve the economics of constructing wells; accelerate and assure production; and drive higher ultimate hydrocarbon recovery in conventional, unconventional, deepwater, and mature-field markets.

Our Oilfield Services group continually designs, develops, and offers new products and services to our customers. These are built on research and development, product application, data interpretation, and consultancy. Our products range from drill bits and drilling systems to downstream chemicals, and from pressure pumping equipment to materials like specialty polymers.

Who is eligible?

If you have or expect to complete a 4-year degree, Master’s or PhD in engineering or an engineering-related subject, geology or geosciences, mathematics, or a science such as chemistry or physics, Baker Hughes, a GE company, could be the perfect choice.

We seek people to go directly into our Oilfield Services group who have a passion for technology, who want to work hard to apply their knowledge and to build a career in an engineering or scientific field.

What will I do?

Specifically, you are likely to become involved in one of these areas:

Molecular scienceModeling and designing at microstructural, molecular, atomic, and nuclear scales, with research activities focused on performance-enhancing designer and smart materials

Virtualization and automationNetworking of physical objects, data visualization and analytics, embedding intelligence in downhole tools, real-time modeling, and automation and autocorrecting systems.

Subsurface intelligenceTo understand the reservoir, forecast production, reduce costs, and mitigate risks throughout the hydrocarbon lifecycle.

Water and environmental scienceFor sustainable development of energy resources.

Advanced manufacturing technologiesFrom additive manufacturing and application of specific integrated circuits to in-situ, downhole fabrication of components and nano-manufacturing methods.

Next steps

If this sounds like you, please visit the Careers section of the Baker Hughes, a GE company website and apply directly on-line should a position be available.