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DDHF/M High-Pressure Radially Split Pump

DDHF/M High-Pressure Radially Split Pump

High Pressure Diffuser Barrel Multistage Pump

High Efficiency Thanks To Optimized Hydraulic Design

  • DDHF/Ms have been designed to fit the requirements for onshore and offshore water injection applications. The design is an improvement of that previously referenced as DDM and includes some features of a pump designed and tested by Nuovo Pignone for water injection in direct connection with a gas turbine running at 10000 rpm. The other services that can employ DDHF/Ms are: boiler feedwater, pipeline, amine, energy recovery and CO2 injection. One of the main requirement for the pumps selected for high pressure water injection is the reliability and many design features have been introduced to address this essential need.

    Customer Support

    BHGE can provide support during the initial engineering phases with feasibility studies of special purpose pumps or complete pumping systems. Full onsite support during installation and commissioning is available to guarantee flawless execution, quick response trough ownership of results. A remote monitoring and diagnostic service is also available. Once the systems are installed BHGE can support the continuous improvement of the operability with conversion, modifications and upgrades: Some of the possible options are:

    -  Modification to the impellers or replacement of the diffuser to match actual operating conditions.

    -  De-stage -  Upgrade of the wear rings with new ones made of composite materials to reduce the internal leakages and increase the efficiency in case of clean fluids.

    -  Superfinishing of internal wetted surfaces to increase efficiency. 


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