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We’re remodeling.  To preview our new web experience and learn more about the new Baker Hughes, visit www.bakerhughes.com.

Our Framework

Our commitments, activities and investments are prioritized around People, Planet and Principles.


  • Increase diversity in leadership, our employee base and our supply chain to reflect the communities where we operate.
  • Attract, equip and empower the workforce of the future by investing in early leadership development, supporting employee health and wellbeing, and creating opportunities for the next generation of talent.
  • Collaborate with organizations and on projects aligned with interests and needs of the communities where we live and work around the globe.


  • Reduce BHGE’s environmental footprint by minimizing emissions and waste each year.
  • Partner with customers to help reduce their environmental footprint.
  • Invent technologies and invest in a portfolio of low-carbon products and services.


  • Make every day a Perfect HSE Day—a day with no injuries, accidents or harm to the environment.
  • Do the right thing always, delivering the best quality products, services, processes and technologies in the industry.
  • Maintain ethical practices, as well as supply chains through a risk-mitigation management approach across our global operations to ensure we are rigorous in safeguarding human rights.

Recognitions and Awards