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The BHGE Board and the Executive Leadership Team recognize that the long-term interests of shareholders are advanced by responsibly addressing the concerns of other stakeholders and interested parties, including employees, customers, suppliers, government officials, communities where we do business, and the public at large.  We know the decisions we make affect those whose trust we value and that's why we take into account input from multiple points of view.

Industry leaders

At BHGE’s 2018 Annual Meeting in Florence, Italy, more than 1,000 senior oil and gas and government leaders collaborated during a two-day event. BHGE’s integrated technology and digital solutions continues to help customers break down siloes and achieve radical improvements.  Through this significant investment in engagement, we're encouraging dialogue on industry best practices and informing public debate.

Our employees

Teams worked to survey more than 20,000 employees and conducted hundreds of interviews to identify and preserve the best aspects of the Baker Hughes and GE Oil & Gas organizational cultures. The resulting Five Culture Pillars articulate the values of the combined company.

Industry groups & other non-governmental organizations

BHGE is committed to working with customers, industry groups, ENGOs and other stakeholders.  We are members of the API and support the work of the API Environmental Partnership.  We've been engaged with the International Oil and Gas Producer's Association (IOGP) and the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) for more than a decade in joint industry working groups addressing environmental and social issues, such as climate change. We support the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) which provides  a forum for solutions in the protection and conservation of groundwater. We are also engaged with the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) and TOPCORP, both of which provide technical input to state oil and gas regulators. On the environmental front, we collaborate with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) on projects of mutual interest and with numerous University collaborations, including the Stanford University Natural Gas Initiative.