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I AM Completely Compliant

Our best-in-class global ethics and compliance program is designed to prevent, detect, and appropriately respond in a timely fashion to any potential violations of law, Our Way: The Baker Hughes Code of Conduct, and other Company policies and procedures. Baker Hughes believes that this commitment to compliance across the entire organization is fundamental to running a sound, successful and sustainable business.

The Baker Hughes global compliance program consists of the following key elements:

  • Global structure of Compliance Counsel and Professionals providing compliance advice, customized training, investigations, and governance, across all regions and countries where Baker Hughes does business.
  • Internal policies and procedures, guided by the principals in Our Way: The Baker Hughes Code of Conduct, that provide a foundation to the business on compliant actions and behavior.
  • Comprehensive employee training program with on-going in-person and computer-based training sessions that are designed to be engaging, challenging, and tailored to the key risks that employees face on an ongoing basis.   
  • Due diligence procedures for intermediaries and consultants, and an enhanced risk-based process for classifying channel partners and suppliers.
  • Regular compliance risk assessments focused on country and third party risk, with the results used to allocate resources and identify opportunities for continuous improvement of the compliance program.
  • Compliance Review Board that meets quarterly for senior officers of the company, as well as Product Company and regional compliance committees. The strong ethical culture at Baker Hughes depends on the commitment of employees at every level, and strong leadership by senior leaders and management.
  • Technology and automated tools to monitor and report on compliance matters, including an internal investigations management system, a web-based antiboycott reporting tool and global trade management systems.
  • Open Reporting Environment where employees are encouraged to report any ethics or compliance matter without fear of retaliation, including a global network of trained employee ombudspersons, and a worldwide, 24-hour business helpline operated by a third party and available in 150 languages.
  • Swift investigations of any potential compliance violation that is raised through any means of reporting. Investigations at Baker Hughes follow standard procedures to ensure that all reviews are performed properly and fairly, and that the Company identifies all actions necessary to prevent future compliance violations. 
  • Centralized human resources function, comprised of locally compliant processes and procedures for management of HR related issues, including implementation of locally compliant standards for pre-hire screening of employees; a process to screen existing employees prior to promotion to select roles where they may be exposed to finance and/or corruption-related risks; and implementation of a global new hire compliance training module for all employees.

Through this program, we demonstrate our commitment to compliance and integrity in all of our actions – every day, everywhere in the world and without exception.