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Everything we create is compliant with customer, statutory, regulatory, internal, and industry safety and quality requirements. We also continually review and improve our own standards and systems to achieve the highest possible performance—often exceeding external requirements.

Our teams are dedicated to quality in everything they do. We follow these fundamental principles:

  • Customer Focus: Passionately drive customer satisfaction with our products and services, aiming at building long-term loyalty by partnering with customers to achieve mutual success.

  • Compliance: Identify, understand, and ensure strict compliance internal and external requirements pertaining to the safety, quality and performance of products and services in every country we operate.

  • Risk Management: Continually review our product and service processes. Identify potential risks and opportunities that could affect product/service conformity and the ability to enhance customer satisfaction; take the necessary actions to mitigate risks to enhance the effectiveness of quality management.

  • Flawless Execution: Contribute to customer satisfaction and pursue quality at the source by performing each job right every time with the required competency, awareness, and authority to stop any nonconforming product or service.

  • Improvement: Take action to assess, simplify, and sustainably improve the effectiveness of our quality management to enhance our products, services, processes, and technologies.

We hold ourselves accountable through clearly documented quality objectives, routine management reviews, and an all-encompassing quality culture that employs digital analytics, Lean Six Sigma, and simplification.