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The Quality Management Systems (QMS), or Business Management System, is made up of the people, documents, equipment, and processes within our organization therefore it touches all functions.  Our five fundamental principles are:

  • Customer Focus

  • Compliance

  • Risk Management

  • Flawless Execution

  • Improvement


Compliance is a Measure of Success

Many of our products and services are subject to governmental regulations and statutes in the countries where we operate, and by various industry standards (e.g. API, ASME, ANSI, ISO, ATEX).  On top of all that, we have established many of our own internal standards for design, manufacture, quality, and safety — that are more stringent or detailed than external standards. 

Continuous Improvement

With every innovation and every new frontier reached, the definition of quality changes just a little. Is a material that was safe for 10,000 psi still safe for 15,000 psi? How will manufacturing be impacted when a new technology is introduced? And so on. Our industry and our work are always evolving. We must therefore continually review and improve our Quality Management System — not merely to keep up, but to stay ahead.  By regularly reviewing the information gathered through the key performance indicators we’ve established for our various functions and processes, we can make the necessary changes to improve the effectiveness of the QMS and, in turn, our commercial and environmental performance in the markets we serve. This is a continual process.

Quality is Everyone's Job at BHGE

Quality is everybody’s job. We are all responsible for the safety of our work environment and the quality of the outcomes of our jobs. The Quality Policy is the framework that keeps us on track so we can support each other, meet our goals, satisfy customers, and grow our business responsibly. It’s imperative, therefore, that we are all fully committed to the Quality Policy.

Reporting Concerns

Part of that responsibility is doing our absolute best work every day. It’s equally important that we are diligent and honest with ourselves — to identify where we are falling short so we can improve. It is therefore the responsibility of all employees to voice concerns regarding the ability to meet customer requirements and expectations in order to comply with all parts of the Quality Management System. Reports may be written or oral, and completely anonymous if desired. Retaliation against any employee for reporting or supplying information about a policy concern is strictly prohibited.