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We continually improve our global Energy Management Standard and invest in facility improvements by using energy-efficient equipment, implementing best practices, and increasing our use of alternative and clean energy.

Short-term strategy

The focus of our short-term strategy is to raise internal awareness of employees to conserve energy and resources through various monthly campaigns, training and monthly performance reports. These include:

  • Establishing an energy baseline; and
  • Monthly tracking of resource use and emissions.

Long-term strategy

Our long-term strategy focuses on continually implementing our Energy Management Standard in our manufacturing and large-scale operational facilities to align with the ISO 50001 standard for identifying significant energy sources and implementing measures to effectively reduce energy use.

In concert with both our short and long-term plans, we incorporate these important initiatives in our daily practices:

  • Energy-Reduction Toolkit. An energy-reduction toolkit was developed and communicated internally that encourages all employees to take action to save energy.
  • Energy Audits. Since 2010 energy audits have been conducted to identify energy reduction opportunities.
  • Sustainable Building Standards. In 2009, the Environmental Affairs group and the Real Estate/Facilities group collaborated on the development and implementation of sustainable building standards applied to new and existing facilities.
  • Information Technology Initiatives. Our Information Technology group has also made significant reductions in energy use throughout our facilities and in our data centers by the introduction of energy efficient equipment and energy-saving management practices.
  • Solar Energy. In some locations, solar power has been employed as a clean energy source for our facilities. This reduces the amount of electricity used from nonrenewable resources and contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Alternative Energy. At our 70-acre integrated services campus in Shafter, CA, we have installed a natural gas fuel cell from Bloom Energy for electrical self-generation. It uses a chemical reaction rather than a combustion process, so there are no greenhouse gas emissions.