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We use lean manufacturing practices to optimize material and energy use throughout our supply chain.  By optimizing our supply chain logistics, we reduce freight transportation miles with air and ocean shipments, resulting in fewer air emissions. 


We recognize that packaging contributes to a significant amount of handling and waste for ourselves and our customers, so we've made strides to reduce the amount of packaging and converting to bulk containers.  And we strive to recycle used packaging and scrap materials to the fullest extent possible.

We have a longstanding commitment to identify novel approaches to effective waste management, minimization and recycling. While many facilities have succeeded in dramatic waste reductions, some have eliminated waste streams altogether. Recycling efforts, which are maturing throughout the enterprise, have shown remarkable results, substantially reducing our environmental impact.

Even with our best efforts, there are some instances where materials are generated for which there is no economic demand, and which require eventual disposal. In such cases, we manage our waste through strict internal processes that include facility-specific plans, inspections and compliance with regulatory requirements. We have a rigorous review, selection, and audit process of waste vendors to ensure waste materials are handled and disposed in an environmentally responsible manner. We audit our waste vendors and recyclers based on risk, and give preference to those who provide cost-effective and responsible alternatives to landfill disposal. All vendors must comply with strict environmental standards.  Around the world, we manage the disposal of surplus or obsolete electronic equipment in a process known as e-cycling. As part of this process, we partner with vendors for the remarketing and recycling of electronic equipment such as computers, copiers, and phones.

For more information on BHGE waste program and performance, please download our latest Annual HSE& Social Responsibility Report.