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Energy and climate represent two of the most important challenges of this century.  Energy—its generation, use, and transmission—is critical to both the global economy and individual advancement. Finding ways to help economies meet rising demand for energy while reducing environmental impact and improving lives is essential for economic and human development. At BHGE, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our own operations, while enabling our customers and partners globally to do the same through our products and solutions.  

We are committed to bold and decisive action, and we will:

  • Make investment in low and no carbon technologies
  • Improve efficiencies within our operations
  • Collaborate with industry and other stakeholders
  • Maintain effective governance and compliance structures
  • Be respectful, good citizens and open to new ways of thinking

We believe safety and continuous improvement in the environmental efficiency of our technologies are critical elements of who we are and a driving motivation for the products and services we provide to the global marketplace.