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Reliable and affordable energy is a critical building block for any modern society, and without it, sustainable economic growth will be impossible. Energy is essential, but the scientific consensus is that fossil fuels used to generate electricity and power transportation emit amounts of carbon dioxide that are contributing to climate change.  BHGE supports policies that promote both lower carbon emissions and sustainable economic growth.  Policies and regulations to help reduce carbon emissions are essential to drive technology development and deployment.  Fairness to consumers, environmental integrity, cost-effectiveness, sound science and technology neutrality should be the guiding principles for arriving at any national strategy.



Our Contribution Through Innovative Technologies

To fight the effects of climate change, governments and industry have pledged to build a low carbon future.  BHGE provides fullstream technology solutions that help energy companies develop energy safely and more efficiently while reducing the carbon footprint of their operations.  Our technologies span the entire hydrocarbon lifecycle -- upstream, midstream and downstream -- from exploration through refining.  Additionally, within BHGE’s operations, we continually strive to lower our own carbon footprint by improving the energy efficiency within our facilities and equipment and minimizing waste in our manufacturing processes.

We believe safety and continuous improvement in the environmental efficiency of our technologies are critical elements of who we are and a driving motivation for the products and services we provide to the global marketplace.

Climate Change Policy Statement

BHGE supports the scientific consensus on climate change and supports carbon policies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and encourage businesses to do what they do best:  innovate and compete to create and disseminate new solutions that enhance technical and economic performance with less environmental impact.  Specifically, BHGE supports policies that:

  • Reduce GHG emissions in ways that do not jeopardize energy security;

  • Are technology neutral and encourage early adoption of cleaner technologies and energy efficiency; and

  • Set realistic timetables for cost-effective reductions of GHG emissions with periodic reviews and updates as our knowledge of the science evolves and technology improves.

We support the increased use of natural gas, particularly for electricity generation and for transportation. Abundant and affordable natural gas from shale and other sources can reduce CO2 and other emissions significantly in power generation and can do so cost-effectively. Shale gas, in particular, can be extracted in an environmentally responsible manner, and we support policies, regulations and industry practices that minimize risks to ground and surface waters and that reduce fugitive emissions of methane. Switching from other fuels to natural gas should be encouraged and incentivized in countries, including in the U.S. and China, where new technologies make this fuel abundant and competitively priced.