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We are transforming the future of the industry by bringing together the best minds and machines to overcome the toughest energy challenges.  A workforce representing talent from all corners of the world is powerful to generating out of the box thinking and breakthrough solutions. 

Attracting top talent and bringing out the best in energy solutions

The energy industry is at a time of unprecedented opportunity to integrate digital solutions, new materials, nano-molecular technologies, and additive manufacturing. We attract top talent to maintain the continuous flow of breakthrough solutions in energy.

People are imperative to discovering a more sustainable energy future and we're fostering an environment in 120 countries where everyone succeeds.

Creating empowerment through a diverse and inclusive BHGE

From innovation, research, manufacturing, and to the delivery of products and services, our technology bridges multiple ideas, people and countries.  We seek and celebrate diversity.  We cast a wide net to attract the top talent to the energy industry.  This includes implementing proactive plans to increase the number of qualified, women and underrepresented minorities in energy.

Our global network of affinity and resource groups also contribute to a supportive environment where we can all reach full potential. They also help to elevate access to information about the opportunities in the energy industry for all people.

Accelerating gender equity at BHGE

Closing the gender gap, especially in technical fields, is an imperative for our business. Without more women in technology and manufacturing, the talent pipeline will not be enough to meet the needs of the energy sector. The promise of the digital-industrial revolution makes the stakes even higher. 

We recognize the broad challenge of fueling interest among women to join the energy industry. At the same time, we have to do more to improve equity within our own company to attract top female talent.

Inspiring individuals beyond our workplace

Our employees, volunteers and philanthropy all have a role in leaving a lasting positive impact on the communities around BHGE. We partner with nonprofits to collaborate for more robust solutions to social challenges.

Our volunteers are often involved in STEM mentorship programs and strive to reach those underrepresented in the industry such as girls and ethic minorities. The Baker Hughes Foundation identifies inclusion as one of its priority areas in charitable giving.

#BHGEmpowers Females In Saudi Arabia

We are transforming the future of the industry by bringing together the best minds and machines to overcome the toughest energy challenges. 

Affinity networks and employee resource groups

Affinity Network

Employee Resource Group