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FLORENCE - May 27, 2018 - Dynamo Camp is a place where children with serious diseases become children again. A holiday place where the real cure is laughter and the medicine fun.  The camp hosts children from 6 to 17 years with serious and chronic diseases who are both in therapy and in the post hospitalization stage free of charge. As part of our Corporate Partnership, for the 4th year BHGE participated with a company team to the two days event with Dynamo Camp dedicated to sports, fun and adventure with the single purpose of raising money and giving a smile to these special children and their families.

This year our bikers had to compete in a long race of 120 km, alternatively they could choose the shorter route of 55 km. Also, our runners had to face 2 racing trails entirely within the Dynamo Oasis, a green lung in the hills of the Tuscan- Emilian Apennines.

Thanks to their dedication and to BHGE employee fundraising, the team collected more than 5.800 Euro which was given to Dynamo to sustain their projects. Fun, team spirit, health & wellbeing were our first goals. Clearly, we were also there to compete with other teams! Our congratulations go to Lorenzo Naldi, who won the trail of 30 km in 03:13:25!