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HOUSTON - April 30, 2018 - Three technology teams were recognized on April 30 at Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) for coming up with clever solutions to complex customer challenges—embodying our purpose of inventing smarter ways to bring energy to the world.  

But before the big event at OTC, BHGE leaders met with the teams to hear how they brought the technologies to life—from ideation to commercialization—and how the technologies are helping operators produce energy more efficiently. 

The TerrAdapt™ adaptive drill bit and DEEPFRAC™ deepwater multistage fracturing service won OTC’s Spotlight on New Technology award. The Torus™ insert safety valve recently won E&P magazine’s Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation.

The DEEPFRAC service and Torus safety valve teams are part of the OFS Completions & Well Intervention product line, and the TerrAdapt drill bit team is part of the OFS Drill Bits product line.

Kishore Sundararajan, OFS Technology & Engineering Leader, Rustom Mody, Vice President, Technical Excellence, Shabnam Meeran, OFS Operational Excellence Leader, and Rene Ritter, Technology Leader for OFS Drilling Services, were among the executives who hosted a “lunch and learn” event to meet the team members and learn about the challenges they overcame.

The TerrAdapt drill bit began as an idea in a companywide innovation competition—one of four ideas selected from 1,000+ submissions to receive seed funding for development. Just three years later, the company commercialized TerrAdapt—the first self-adjusting drill bit in the industry. BHGE has successfully deployed the bit in a variety of applications and regions, including the Gulf of Mexico.

The DEEPFRAC service leverages tools and techniques perfected in unconventional land applications to help revolutionize the efficiency—and the economics—of offshore completions. With hurricane Harvey looming in the Gulf of Mexico, the DEEPFRAC service provided a contingency openhole completion solution that helped a customer to avoid a temporary well suspension and subsequent sidetrack operation on a high-profile, Lower Tertiary well.

The Torus insert safety valve is the only insert safety valve that accommodates coiled tubing and doesn’t require a rig for installation. By using a sliding sleeve design to control flow instead of a flapper, the Torus valve maintains a permanent conduit for coiled tubing through the valve, enabling rigless ESP deployment with the protection of an API 14A-qualified barrier.

Sundararajan congratulated the teams and noted that all the technologies are industry firsts—compelling examples of BHGE beating competitors to market. He encouraged the teams to continue building on their initial commercial successes by aggressively pursuing new customers and markets.