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ABERDEEN and FLORENCE - June 23, 2018 - At BHGE, we believe that our company is stronger when the diversity of our employees reflects the customers and people whose lives our technology impacts. That’s why we strive to create an inclusive environment that is free from bias and where employees feel empowered to bring their true self at work and are provided with the resources needed to perform at the best of their potential. 

Over the month of June, several initiatives have been organized at two key Europe hubs, Aberdeen and Florence, to re-engage employees around our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion.

With a shared vision aimed at enhancing our culture of Inclusion and Employee Wellbeing by harmonizing initiatives and maximizing impact, promoting a better place to work for everyone, employees and leadership teams from both sites have joined forces and organized a series of events, initiatives and activities.

On Monday and Tuesday, June 4 and 5, Diversity & Inclusion Re-Activation events were held across all facilities in the North East of Scotland, with presentations given on the mission and goals of all the different employee affinity groups active within the company.

Sally Okolo, AAF Leader and Diversity & Inclusion Council Member for the area, who coordinated the activities, commented:

Diversity and Inclusion is empowering people by respecting and appreciating what makes us all different.  We had a successful two days and it was amazing and heart-warming to me to see the participation and eagerness of everyone across the sites. At the NE D&I Council, we believe in the power of a diverse and inclusive team and that together we can achieve anything. This belief drives our pillars to Engage, Connect with and Develop one another and showing up as one team spreading and supporting our D&I culture.

In Florence, the program spread across the entire month of June, with initiatives ranging from BHGE Volunteers, GLBTA, HealthAhead, to People with Disabilities Networks (PDN), Women’s Network and Working Parents.

Giovanna Michelini, who champions the program led by the Working Parents group, commented on the initiatives: “Diversity and Inclusion is not only about gender or ethnic background, it’s about ensuring we look at things from different points of view. The Working Parents affinity group wants to spread this culture in both our working and community environments”.

The HealthAhead group in conjunction with the Womens’ Network built a team for a 500m Dragon Boat competition. Francesca Montanari, who leads the HealthAhead initiaitve for the Florence campus, said: “It’s important that employees come together to enhance the company culture of inclusion and employee wellbeing. The Dragon Boat challenge has been a fantastic initiative to sustain social, rehabilitative and preventive activities for women affected by or who want to learn more about breast cancer”.