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CNG in a Box

CNG in a Box

Moving beyond the physical pipeline network

BHGE’s second-generation, optimized CNG In A Box technology is a modular ‘plug and play’ system that makes it easier to build CNG fueling stations to keep pace with demand. This scalable solution helps expand fueling networks by removing the financial risk that has previously limited market development, enabling more CNG station entrepreneurs to build their own stations. The CNG In A Box system from BHGE makes it faster, easier, and cheaper for natural gas vehicle fleet owners to fuel their NGVs, improving their bottom line.

Cost-effective design

  • In addition to on-road transportation fueling, the CNG In A Box system is suited for other applications, including heavy-duty trucking, monetizing flare gas, and onsite power generation. Available in both high compression ratio, for NGV fueling, and high flow compression for virtual pipeline applications.

    CNG In A Box system evolution offers: 

    •   Modular Design             
    •   Virtual Pipeline and NGV Fueling Configurations             
    •   Supports Redundant and Expansion Options
    •   Advanced Controls and RM&D
    •   Handles Range of Suction Pressures
    •   Internal Power Panel & 120V Power Options
    •   Winterization Options (-20°F & -40°F)
    •   Reduced Soft Cost Baseplate (Non-Grout)
    •   External Cooler Location

    CNG In A Box systems have been designed with expansion and redundancy in mind. Each unit can connect to a second unit sharing common utilities for a cost-effective solution for expansion or redundancy. The systems are scalable support a range of compressors including the M, H, and CFA frames as is required to meet the customer's needs. The much cleaner-burning fuel reduces CO₂ emissions by 24% (2.2 metric tons per vehicle, per year as compared with gasoline*) – and its CO, NOx, PM and VOC reduction benefits are even greater.

    *Assuming average light-duty vehicles travel 27,400 miles/year.


    BHGE’s engineering capabilities and advanced diagnostic resources are complemented by expert teams of Field Service Engineers who can quickly mobilize to deliver the highest quality service whenever you need it. They draw from the same engineering knowledge base that went into designing our CNG In A Box system. Their technical fluency is second to none. All our products are fully supported by one of the industry’s most comprehensive global networks of manufacturing, testing and service facilities. Through these sites and various strategic partnerships worldwide, we are able to be closer to our customers and contribute to local economies and skills development in the countries and communities where we operate.

    Capabilities include:

    • Start-up & commissioning supervision
    • Overhaul and inspection
    • 24/7 emergency response & technical support
    • Upgrades & technology injections
    • Portable diagnostics
    • Customized Service Packages
    • Rapid parts availability

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First Look: CNG in a Box in Eaton, Colorado, USA

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