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Cased Hole Digital Recording Systems

Cased Hole Digital Recording Systems

Portable and Rack-Mounted Configurations

BHGE's acquisition systems, including the Cased Hole Digital Recording Systems (DRS), offer customers the ability to operate Ultrawire cased hole logging tools from any wireline logging unit. Our systems are available in portable and rack mounted configurations.

Rugged and Reliable Cased Hole Digital Recording Systems

  • BHGE's Rack Mounted DRS is a PC based, rack mounted digital acquisition system. This rugged and reliable system is suitable for mounting into logging trucks and offshore units.

    Running under Windows®7, the system can accommodate a variety of analogue, digital or pulse inputs. Full real-time control of the logs is available including simultaneous recording and playback, curve merging and annotation. Other features include calibration, headers and footers, and toolstring graphics. The PC basis allows the running of other standard software packages without the need to transfer data to another computer. The DRS014 has a Single conductor Tool Interface Panel (STIP) with UltralinkTM module (ULM002) included and is therefore optimised for use with the full range of Production Logging, Casing Inspection, Cement Evaluation and other Cased Hole equipment.

    BHGE's Portable DRS is easily transported to a wellsite without the need to be mounted in the logging truck or offshore unit. It provides the data acquisition and processing functionality necessary for BHGE's cased hole Ultrawire tools. The system gives an engineer the ability to acquire and process tool data anywhere that has electrical power and connections to the logging cable. The portable logging system is securely fitted into a rugged container for transportation.

    The front panel of the container opens to provide access to the controls and thermal plotter. At the rear are the power, line and USB hub for computer connection, as well as provision for inputs of depth, tension, etc.

    The Portable DRS can be supplied with a ruggedized laptop and Warrior acquisition software.

    The DRS017 incorporates the latest technology enhancements to effectively operate BHGE's Sondex* cased hole downhole tools and is fully CE compliant. The system is available in 3 variants offered in any combination of panel, Warrior software and laptop. The protective transport case is optional but highly recommended for mobile use.

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