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A customer in the the Eagle Ford basin in South Texas drilled and completed three wells with 5 ½-in. casing. The laterals were completed via a plug-and-perf method with a total of 306 Torpedo™ composite frac plugs from Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE). The plugs feature a shorter and more compact design with only a single set of slips versus the traditional two sets significantly reducing millout time compared with conventional composite plugs.

The most number of plugs in one well was 109. In an effort to reduce the plug-and-perf costs, the customer requested BHGE to drill out the completions.

To mill the composite frac plugs, BHGE recommended the Versa-Drive™ plug milling service, which leverages a full kit of fit-for-purpose tools backed by accurate modeling to reach total depth (TD) in smooth, single-trip runs, reliably and cost effectively. The proposed bottomhole assembly (BHA) consisted of the following components: a 4 ½-in. roller cone bit, a 3 ⅜-in. Navi-Drill™ Ultra™ series motor, a Hydropull extended-reach tool with screen sub, a hydraulic disconnect, a dual flapper back pressure valve, and a coiled-tubing connector.

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Challenges & Results


  • Mill 306 composite frac plugs in 3 horizontal lateral sections
  • Reduce NPT associated with extended reach plug milling


  • Milled all 306 plug in single, respective runs
  • Saved around 30 hours per well from not conducting second trip and total savings of $450,000
  • Enabled early production