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A customer in the Haynesville Shale drilled a lateral well, completing it with 4 ½-in. casing. The lateral was horizontal at 90°, over 10,000 ft. (3048 m) long, with 82 plugs deployed. A plug and perforate fracking operation was conducted. During the subsequent plug milling, the customer encountered friction lock-up with coil tubing at 19,604 ft (5975 m). With the target depth at 23,035 ft (7021 m), 30 plugs remained in the completion. A competing oilfield service company attempted to reach the target, but failed.

Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), offered the comprehensive Versa-Drive™ plug milling service which leverages a full kit of fit-for-purpose tools backed by accurate modeling to get to total depth (TD) in smooth, single-trip runs, reliably and cost effectively.

To mill out the remaining 30 plugs and reach target depth, a through-tubing bottomhole assembly (BHA) was deployed consisting of a 3.625-in. five-bladed mill dressed with Glyphaloy® Advanced Milling Technology (AMT) carbide. A 2.88-in. Navi-Drill™ X-treme™ AD motor was included in the BHA to provide increased flow capabilities, up to 4-bpm. The remaining BHA consisted of a Hydropull extended reach tool*, hydraulic disconnect, bi-directional jar, dual flapper back pressure valve, and welded coil tubing connector.

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Challenges & Results


  • Mill remaining 30 plugs in 10,000 (3048 m), 90° horizontal lateral
  • Unable to pass friction lock at previous depth of 19,604 ft (5975 M)


  • Milled remaining 30 plugs
  • Surpassed last achievable depth of the competition by 3,431-ft. in the horizontal
  • Pumped 0.6-bpm higher than competition’s BHA while maintaining safe circulating pressure without additional wear or charges on the coil
  • Surpassed customer expectations and reached a target depth of 23,035 ft (7021 m)