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An operator in the Permian Basin wanted a plug-milling solution to deliver production in a plug-and-perf style, unconventional oil well completed with 5-½-in., 20 lb/ ft casing. Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), suggested setting its Gen 4.0 composite frac plugs in the well to isolate and hydraulically fracture all the zones of interest. Sixty-five plugs were installed at regular intervals at depths ranging from 10,128 ft to 19,728 ft (3087 m to 6013 m). The BHGE plugs were selected because of their outstanding drillout characteristics. They provide small-sized cuttings and exceptional drill-out times while causing minimal wear to cutting structures.

BHGE deployed a high-performance Thru-Tubing milling bottomhole assembly comprising a 4.625-in. OD Vanguard™ VG3- DO drill bit driven by a 3.375-in. OD Navi- Drill™ VIP series workover motor.

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Challenges & Results


  • Drill 65 composite frac plugs in a single trip in 9,500 ft lateral with (>19,000 ft TD) with 20-5⁄8-in. coiled tubing


  • Drilled 65 Gen 4.0 composite frac plugs in a single trip
  • Saved approximately 10 hours of operating time for an estimated savings of $30,000 USD
  • Produced small, uniform plug cuttings
  • Averaged 11 minutes/plug drilling time