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Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), worked with a major operator offshore Scotland to implement a SureCONNECT™ downhole intelligent wet-mate system, to successfully link SureVIEW™ fiber-optic cable throughout the entire length of its offshore well. The operations resulted in successfully mating six optical fibers—each the size of a human hair—between the upper and lower completion, more than a mile below the earth’s surface. This was the first successful commercial deployment of SureCONNECT, which is a modular wet-mate system designed to enable downhole connection of electric and hydraulic lines, in addition to optical fiber deployed in this project.

With the SureCONNECT wet-mate system, operators can achieve real-time monitoring and control across the entire wellbore of multi-trip completions—enabling them to make data-driven decisions to optimize reservoir performance and proactively mitigate risks, such as equipment failures. Leveraging fiber-optic monitoring also enables the gathering of real-time data on multiphase inflow performance to help quantify the gas, oil, or water contribution in each producing zone. With these technologies, completions can now be designed to respond to this information, optimizing the production by shutting down or choking back zones via actuation of downhole completion tools.

The well on this project was in a field with poor matrix quality rock and large, natural fractures. Understanding of the position and long-term behavior of the fractures was inadequate. The operator was looking for a solution that would help them understand the performance of the fractures in real-time, in parallel with conventional well surveillance data. This would enable more precise well-placement decisions in future field development, as well as improved recovery through the use of complementary sliding sleeve and zonal isolation technologies.

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Challenges & Results


  • Harsh, offshore environment
  • Large natural fractures with poor matrix quality rock
  • Inadequate understanding of fracture position and long-term production behavior
  • Two-trip completion design
  • Deployment of continuous fiber-optic system across the full wellbore


  • Deployed the SureCONNECT system to achieve fiber-optic, real-time monitoring across the entire wellbore, for the life of the well
  • Enabled operator to make data-driven decisions to optimize reservoir performance and proactively mitigate risks
  • Flawlessly executed installation without any HSE incidents