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As part of a plug and abandon program, a major North Sea customer needed to reduce costs and time on a slot recovery operation. In one well, a cement plug was set inside the tapered casing string, consisting of 10 ¾-in. 60.7# L-80 tieback casing from the surface down to 2871 m (9,419 ft). From that point, 9 ⅝-in. 53.5# L-80 casing extended down to 3803 m (12,477 ft).

The objective was to verify the cement plug as a barrier plug prior to cutting the 10 ¾-in. casing. After the successful tieback casing cut, the operator needed the old mud behind the tieback displaced.

Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), proposed the Perseus™ pump–through cutter. Hydraulically operated and designed to cut a single string of casing on command, the Perseus cutter enables multiple operations performed in one run, making it the ideal solution for plug and abandonment (P&A) or slot recovery jobs. The knives are dressed with METAL MUNCHER™ Advanced Milling Technology (AMT) carbide that provide the industry’s most durable tungsten-carbide knives to cut or mill even the toughest steels, providing effective cutting and swarf control.

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Challenges & Results


  • Drill out 100 m (328 ft) of cement plug
  • Cut 10 ¾-in. casing
  • Verify successful cut
  • Displace annulus volume
  • Reduce costs and time


  • Drilled out 106 m (347 ft) of cement
  • Cut 10 ¾-in. casing in less than 2 minutes
  • Verified string free by short tripping the B-spear with pack off
  • Circulated out old mud behind the casing
  • Succesfully recovered casing to surface