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As part of its plug and abandonment campaign, a major customer in Norway needed to drill a cement plug and cut the casing. Traditionally, these operations required two trips: one to mechanically set a plug and no allowance to set cement above the plug/retainer; and a second trip to cut and retrieve the casing. Naturally, with two runs needed, a customer must incur all the associated rig time and costs.

Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), suggested the Perseus™ pump-through cutter. Hydraulically operated and designed to cut a single string of casing on command, the PERSEUS is ideal for plugand- abandonment (P&A) or slot recovery jobs. The knives are dressed with METAL MUNCHER™ Advanced Milling Technology (AMT) that provides the industry’s most durable, effective cutting and swarf control tungsten-carbide to cut or mill even the toughest steels.

The Perseus remains dormant and maintains pressure integrity while a plug is set either mechanically or hydraulically after which the cutting sequence is initiated. Alternatively, the cutter can be run above a mill/bit to dress a cement plug, confirm well isolation and then activated to cut the casing. A positive indication, at surface, signals a successful cutout providing assurance a cut has been completed.

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Challenges & Results


  • Reduce overall costs associated with plug and abandonment applications


  • Saved the customer one trip during P&A operations by combining cement drilling and casing cutting in one run
  • Reduced HSE handling exposure on the rig floor by eliminating the need for an additional trip
  • Saved the customer approximately $150,000