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A Permian Basin operator needed to find an alternative completion method to economically control frac height growth after its initial operation breached a nearby water zone.

The operator asked Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), to analyze well conditions and suggest an alternative method. BHGE recommended the OptiStriker™ straddle packer system, the first of its kind to use two mechanically resettable packers to isolate individual clusters.

The OptiStriker system’s resettable packers were deployed on a workover rig which enabled the operator to stimulate five zones, using 10 stages, in a single trip. After a two-month successful evaluation period, the OptiStriker system was deployed throughout the remainder of the wellbore, precisely delivering controlled treatment volumes, straddling 14 zones, performing proppant-laden hydraulic fracture treatments. Rapid depth correlation was achieved by performing a BHGE mechanical casingcollar locator service, which ensured the packers were set at the correct depths every time. This not only improved operational efficiency, but also delivered greater assurance that the packers were securely in place.

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Challenges & Results


  • Control fracture growth to avoid breaching nearby water zone
  • Reduce fluid requirements while controlling frac screen outs
  • Stimulate underperforming frac zones in an existing vertical well
  • Control water disposal, fluid and hydraulic horsepower costs


  • Reduced needed fluid volumes by 75% compared to plug-andperf methods
  • Increased oil production from 200 to 5,000 B/M
  • Reduced flowback and disposal costs
  • Achieved rapid depth correlation and greater packer placement reliability
  • Minimized tool trips with the use of Optistriker sytem stimulating 19 zones in a single trip, using resettable packers at an average repositioning time of 40 minutes per stage