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A major operator drilling a deepwater water injector project through depleted reservoir sands needed a non-damaging, weighted drill-in fluid with a low coefficient of friction to avoid circulation losses.

In response, Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), customized its OMNIFLOW™ drillin invert emulsion fluid, a completion fluid designed for reservoirs that contain shale.

The OMNIFLOW drill-in fluid produces a thin, non-invasive filter cake, which minimizes borehole problems during the drilling and completion phase, increases drilling rates, and improves production. The fluid is also resistant to contaminants such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, salts, and shale cuttings.

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Challenges & Results


  • Deepwater water injector project
  • Avoid loss of circulation in depleted reservoir sands
  • Land completion screens in a long horizontal interval
  • Provide a non-damaging fluid with good holecleaning properties without increasing ECD


  • Reduced torque and drag in the horizontal interval
  • Maintained quality borehole and ideal fluid properties throughout the well
  • Drilled 1,100 ft (225 m) of 6-½ in. hole section to well total depth
  • Successfully ran completion screens to bottom